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Split Happens by Craig Petty and World Magic Shop video DOWNLOAD



The Split Coin Downloads is one of the most under explored gimmicks in magic. It goes under several names such as Clone Coin Downloads, Super Coin Downloads and Johnny Wong's Split Coin Downloads each version being as clever as the next. On this Craig Petty reveals 11 killer routines which are only possible with the Split Coin Downloads gimmick. As a special bonus Craig has been given permission to perform and explain Johnny Wong's brilliant 'Coin Downloads Through Bill'. Join Craig Petty and master magician David Penn has they discuss the Split Coin Downloads and all its applications.

Throw Coin Downloadss Across

One of the cleanest Coin Downloadss across routines ever! Four Coin Downloadss travel from hand to hand one by one until inexplicably all four Coin Downloadss have gone across.

Mexican Split

This is the perfect Coin Downloads routine for walk around conditions. Three Coin Downloadss are produced and examined. They then travel from one hand to the other and finally vanish into nothing. Pure Magic!

Split Fly

Imagine producing three Coin Downloadss and then performing a three fly routine where each phase becomes more astounding. Well, imagine no more because Split Fly is here.

Hopping Split

Hopping Halves is a classic of magic performed by magicians worldwide. This is Craig's handling of this classic routine using the split Coin Downloads gimmick. All you need is the split Coin Downloads and you are good to go - no shells to worry about and an instant reset as well. As a bonus the performance includes the side splittingly funny World Magic Shop presentation.

ESimPossible 2

One of the most baffling Mentalism Download routines you will ever see, this is a killer version of Al Koran's 'Medallion' routine with nothing more than a Split Coin Downloads, a notepad and a shot glass.

Hanging Split

A killer Hanging Coin Downloadss routine with a kicker ending that will leave your audiences speechless.


This routine has been described by many top professionals as the ultimate Coin Downloadss through table. Three Coin Downloadss are shown and then one by one pushed though the table. The spectator decides where the Coin Downloads penetrates and the hands are shown empty after every penetration. As a finale the three Coin Downloadss are pushed up through the table all at the same time.

3 Coin Downloads Flurry

3 Coin Downloadss are produced, vanished into nothing and then produced again. Each phase gets stronger and stronger leading up to the kicker ending where 30 Coin Downloadss are produced and cascade into the spectator's hands.


This is the ultimate transposition routine that has to be seen to be believed. It also has an ending which is as strong as a jumbo Coin Downloads production. A Coin Downloads and a sponge ball change places over and over again. Finally, the ball and Coin Downloads are placed together and fused into a metal ball.

Bonus Effects


A slow motion production of a Coin Downloads and subsequent vanish, this one is a worker. First the inside of the Coin Downloads is produced followed by the outside of the Coin Downloads. This is one you will use.

Johnny Wong's Coin Downloads Through Bill

The routine that started it all. A slow motion penetration of a Coin Downloads through a spectator's borrowed bill. Best of all, it's really easy!

NOTE: Split Coin Downloads gimmick is NOT included. Split Coin Downloads gimmick is available separately in different currencies and denominations.

Running Time Approximately 2hr 30min

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