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Schwarzman’s Limited Edition Casino Royale (Large version)

A very nice effect imported from Italy by Howard Schwarzman for his collector  coveted Limited Editions line.

The magician shows a fair dice and has the spectator roll  it to insure its fairness. It is. Then game is then announced.  6 plaques are shown (called fish) each numbered 1 through 6. The spectator rolls and each time he rolls a number that corresponds to a number on the plaque he gets the plaque.  In the end the magician says he will total up the spectators Plaques and pay him in dollars whatever they total as long as he will pay the magician what is on the last remaining plaque that he gets to keep.

The spectator rolls the dice each time removing the corresponding plaque for the number he/she has rolled. IF a number is rolled twice the spectator just rolls again until one plaque remains.  They total up the spectator’s plaque and come up with 19. The magician has the number two plaque.  When he turns it over it says one million on it and the magician request the $1,000,002. The backs of the other plaques are blank!

This is the larger size with the 1 inch dice.  The plaques are 3.5×2.5 inches.  All in a carrying case.  With the original box and instructions. In good used condition. Imported from Milan Italy 1986.

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