Big Bucks US Dollar, Gimmicks and Online Instructions by Obie O'Brien


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Obie O’Brien was best known as the organizer of “4F: The Original Close-Up Magic Convention” but most of the magic he performed was for family audiences and in restaurants. One of his favorite routines to perform in both venues was his handling of Larry West’s Passing The Buck which he later marketed as Big Bucks.

The routine revolves around a conflict between two people who are trying to out cheat each other.

It begins with four large ten-dollar bills which are miscounted as eighty dollars. The four ten dollar bills are then shown to have changed into a ten, a twenty, a fifty, and a hundred-dollar bill for a total of $180!

This set of bills was newly designed and manufactured for this routine. They look identical to United States currency and were printed on thick cardboard that was coated with a high-gloss UV finish.

Comes complete with the custom-made large bills (9″x4″) and access to an online video tutorial by Obie O’Brien and Meir Yedid. Only sleight used is the Elmsley Count.

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