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Ways to Save:

  1. Just by creating an account you earn points in our Loyalty Program
  2. Every time you make a purchase you accrue points.
  3. For every product review you write, you earn Loyalty Points AND a percentage-off coupon will be sent to you.
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Loyalty Program

What’s the difference between your loyalty program and other referral programs?
There is a big difference between our loyalty points program and other referral programs. Many referral programs offer coupons or discounts but they usually require you to do something for it. We are a loyalty program. We reward you just for being our customer, it’s that simple.

So how does the program work?
It is very simple actually. For every dollar you spend you will earn points. Those points can be accumulated to make future purchases. The more you spend the more you earn.

How do I redeem points?
There really is no redemption involved. When you check out you will be able to use your points to complete your purchase. We now offer partial redemption meaning you will be able to apply points to a purchase even if you do not have enough points to cover the full purchase amount.

When can I redeem points?
You will begin earning points immediately upon joining our program based on your purchases.  Those points are available immediately.

Will my points expire?
Yes, your loyalty points will expire 365 days from your purchase but they will accrue as you make your purchases and we hope you choose to purchase often and redeem your points often.

The fine print…
We reserve the right to alter of discontinue this program at any time, without notice. We reserve the right to not fulfill orders using loyalty points when multiple accounts are created, multiple accounts from the same address are used or other circumstances that may go against the spirit of this program.

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You need to have an account to accrue Loyalty Points.

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